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Multilayered Drive Tapes

Conveyor Belt Layers Add Strength, Durability

Multi-layered drive tapes consist of two to seven stacked bands ranging in thickness from 0.003 to 0.005 inches. The thinner band thickness allows the designer to reduce pulley diameter when space is a concern while still carrying large working loads due to the multi-layer design’s increased cross-sectional area. This design approach optimizes belt life for drive tapes carrying a large load with a reduced pulley diameter.

Much like their single-layer counterparts, multi-layered drive tapes offer zero-backlash and capitalizes on the material’s high modulus of elasticity to add stiffness to the designer’s mechanism.

A stainless steel belt’s stiffness, or its very high modulus of elasticity, serves to resist the backlash effect for any remaining small gap that cannot be engineered out.  Additionally, when used to actuate a robotic arm, two steel belts can work in tandem with one belt oriented to drive the reversing motion.  Given the inelasticity of the steel belt, this design can handle rapid acceleration and reversing without inducing a backlash. Multilayer belts are typically used in this configuration to handle even greater loads and acceleration.  

Benefits of Multi-layered Drive Tapes

Multilayer drive tapes offer a unique advantage over single-layer drive tapes due to the fact that they can increase load weight without having to increase pulley diameter. Their multiple levels allow for the strength of a thicker band but work in tandem to provide the flexibility of a smaller band. Accordingly, this belt design is optimal when heavy loads are involved, but without the space available for the correct sized pulley to handle the thicker single layer drive tape that would be required.

Are Multi-Layered Drive Tapes Right for Your Application?

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